Reversed Conversion Course




Reversed Conversion

Reversed Conversion is a digital course (3 hours of audios, a 97 page manual, and a free bonus track) covering thirty-five years of spiritual experiences that finally led me to an awakening the church couldn’t provide.

     I explain the circumstances and events that are visible to everyone—you see today’s trend; people are leaving the church to save their faith.

     The manual and audios answer questions like:

  • Why do you continue to hear “Life-Changing Words” in your church yet leave the same way you came?
  • Does God dwell in the “brick and mortar” church more than he dwells in you?
  • Do you have continual “awakenings” where God expands your knowledge of him; beyond your church’s doctrine?
  • Is “tithing” really for today?
  • And much, much more!

If you have left your church, and are struggling with your faith and the authenticity of God, or you’ve been sitting through services and serving your church, but have become numb to God’s presence, then you need a Reversed Conversion—and this series is for you!


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