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Ron grew up in a Roman Catholic family where his earliest memories included a calling into the priesthood. At the age of twenty-two, Ron had a radical spiritual awakening and converted to conservative Christianity—seeking to discover the truth. Ron earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Studies and Theology at the University of Valley Forge.

Upon graduation, Ron founded an Assemblies of God church in Bedminster, NJ; The Church of the Hills. During the peak of his 27-year term, the church grew to 700 people. The Church of the Hills also operated a Christian school (K-12), and maintained over 100 active ministries. Additionally, Ron hosted seven years of television shows on faith and sexuality.


As a result of Ron’s conservative theology, in 1999 he shocked the tri-state area and led a theatrical production known as “Hell House.” Ron wrote several of the scripts, and produced the one-hour presentation.

Days after the production, FOX, ABC, CBS, and Comedy Central visited Bedminster, NJ, to make sense of the mayhem created. The backlash caused a great deal of controversy in central NJ. Eventually, the township established an ordinance prohibiting further religious productions during Halloween.

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Book Author Ron Marinari

Years later, after a life-changing experience, Ron began to blend ideas and writings that were avant-garde to his peers. In 2015, Ron and his wife Trisha established Marriage University, working hard to resolve conflict among couples, while introducing spiritual principles to improve romance, sex, and marriage. Soon after, they found themselves blending with a broad group of celebrity and non-church people.

To date, Ron is a book author who has written seven books—BEDCHAMBERS, a top-seller on erotic romance, sex, and marriage, prompted a denominational investigation in 2016, while gaining celebrity attention. 



Where is Ron Today?

In January 2017, Ron retired from pastoring and entered a season of deep reflection, unparalleled to any other time in his life. As time progressed, Ron reinvented himself as a sex-positive biblical counselor—going against the grain of the religious norm. His new podcast, God & Sex Circus, is aimed to educate and guide each person to embrace their humanity and grow past any barriers that may hinder their emotional well-being and sexual freedom.

Ron works with men, women, couples, and families as a spiritual counselor—helping to resolve conflict. Ron is available in person, on the phone, and through Skype.

By Ron Marinari


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