69 Sex Position

69 Sex Position

69 sex position

Because most of today’s sexual culture in America has moved away from the age of foreplay, meaningful sex, and spiritual sexual encounters, most people don’t know the origin of the 69 position—also known as cunnilingus. The erotic position dates back thousands of years and has its roots in Taoism. Taoism suggests that mutual oral sex creates a unique energy that causes an exchange of spiritual harmony within two people.

Kamasutra Sex Position

Tantric Sex

Also known as “The Crow,” this position is a potent sexual posture of the Tantric tradition and a Kamasutra sex position. Crows have always been viewed as mystic birds and omen-carriers: their unique metabolism allows them to digest poisons without harm. Tantric Yogis consider crows metaphysical allies, able to convey information through their movements and sounds. The Crow Position has a potentizing effect on the sexual center of both partners and awakens the transcendental faculties of the mind. 1

During the act of The Crow, when Parvati (a benevolent goddess) drinks the seed of Shiva (a god of Hinduism), she acts as a snake goddess coiled around the Lingam. She drinks the Soma elixir directly from its mouth. 2


Have you noticed that everyone wants everything quickly? Even quickie sex has become a trend. What the hell happened to the exchange of affection, energy, romance, and four-hour sex sessions? Much of today’s culture is being fed sexuality that is hyped, false, and shallow.

Recently, I listened to a popular podcast, “Call Her Daddy.” Call Her Daddy is hosted by two cute and silly girls with big personalities—Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn. Props to all their success! However, most people that I know that are over thirty-five years old refer to them as little “play-dolls” that don’t really know much about relationships, sex, and orgasm. If I had to make one statement that every mature woman would agree with it, it would be, “Their Level 10 Orgasm (if they’ve had one) will be a Level 4 Orgasm when they grow up.”

Anyway, my point in referencing them is they addressed the “69 Position” on a recent podcast. It was clever that they chose their 69th Podcast to do so. Like I said, “props to their success,” they are amazingly talented at herding sheep.

Alexandra Cooper

So, in Episode 69, they stated, “We think 69 is the lamest, dumbest, sex position ever invented. It’s for f**king pussies, alright? And it’s actually not though for pussies because it doesn’t even feel great on your f**king pussy. It’s honestly extremely disrespectful when I am giving a man my grade-A performance blowjob (Bahahaha). I am not focused on my pussy feeling good.”

Here’s my take on this

1). They have no idea how to have sex; sex to them is about lust, cumming, and pretending to be with scores of men that they dominate with their sex superpowers.

2). Spirituality, culture, and ancient sexual practices are far too deep for them to absorb.

3). They have no Grade A Blowjobs. They have PornBlowJobs, and everyone knows, Porn is fake.

But, I have to hand it to them, they have seduced a broad audience with quickie sex, and a host of other coined terms that are intriguing and catchy.


different sex positions

There are hundreds of different sex positions. Regarding the 69 Position, though it may have deep roots in Kamasutra, it’s an excellent position for couples that enjoy taking their time and exchanging affection and erotic sexual energy. Like any other sexual act, once there is mutual agreement, there are no rules. Concluding that the more creative a person is in bed, the more they can engage in any position and bring it to its maximum pleasure!

By Ron Marinari



1 Sexual Secrets, Destiny Books, Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger


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