Domestic Violence Defined

Domestic Violence Defined

domestic violence

What is Domestic Violence?

“The University of Michigan has released a list of relationship behaviors that it considers violent and abusive—including “withholding sex.”

“Discounting the partner’s feelings regarding sex,” “criticizing the partner sexually,” and “having sex with other people” are also examples of “sexual violence,” according to the list.” 1

Women who exercise domestic violence on a man through withholding sex is more common than you might think. I spent thirty years pastoring thousands of couples where this subject frequently surfaced during counseling. Not once did the act of “withholding sex” from a man lead to the idea of domestic violence, although many men felt it was unjustly practiced to control, manipulate, or punish them.

Still today, most men live under these conditions as they are normal. However, there have been many cases where I witnessed men going more than a year without sleeping with their wife or engaging in any sexual pleasure as a form of retribution brought on by the woman.

Domestic Violence Awareness

I suggest women withholding affection and sex from the man for no other reason than to abuse and exert control need to be held accountable. And the only way for this to occur, is for men to be educated on this topic and delve further into what non-biased professionals and the law (if any) has to say about such common, yet wrong behavior.


1 ‘Withholding Sex’ Now Considered ‘Sexual Violence’ at U of M

By Ron Marinari


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