Dungeons Are Not Just For Dragons

Dungeons Are Not Just For Dragons


Making Love In Sex Dungeons

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a sexual play area or a sex dungeon in their home, if they even wanted one. But creativity is always the foundation of every great institution, especially intimate relationships and partnerships.

Every couple needs to have a dedicated area or play-space that provides both the ambiance, apparatus, toys, and devices that make sex adventurously mysterious. A master bedroom sitting area, a private section of the basement; or a secluded space in the attic, can all provide the atmosphere necessary for two lovers to escape away from family members, and reality—a place to venture out into the thrill of secret sex!

Awaken all your senses, select your lighting, playlist, scents, and edibles with sex in mind. Create a love-loft or a kinky-cave that provides a dungeon-like hideaway for the taboo. And don’t forget to include a locked closet, chest, or armoire to secure your wardrobe and other unmentionables.

If all else fails, there are a variety of Sex Dungeons that you can rent for a few hours to appease your kinky pleasure.

By Ron Marinari


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