Women Squirting

Women Squirting


Female Ejaculation

Squirting, or as some call it, female ejaculation is a phenomenon in which fluid can be discharged out of the vagina at the moment of climax or orgasm.

Vaginal discharge

“Vaginal discharge consists of natural fluids produced by the body; its appearance is usually clear and similar in character to mucus at a woman’s mid-cycle or during ovulation. This discharge can become thicker and whitish in color after ovulation. During sexual arousal or intercourse, vaginal secretion increases to provide lubrication. Physical and psychological changes lead to the increased blood supply to the pelvic area, causing an erection of the clitoris and increased mucus secretion from the glands of the cervix and vagina.” 1

How much vaginal discharge is normal?

“As far as the amount of ejaculate, a woman can release as little as a teaspoonful or a cap-full during orgasm, yet some claim that a great deal more than that may ‘squirt’ during their experience. Some studies suggest that all women ejaculate when they reach orgasm, but instead of the fluid being released from the vagina, it is pushed back up into the bladder when the muscles are tightened post-climax. Therefore, it is not uncommon for some women to experience retrograde ejaculation, while others ejaculate outside of the body.” 2

Squirting during orgasm

Some women have the God-given ability to squirt during orgasm. As two people become more familiar with their bodies, squirting should be on your bucket list to discover. It can be a mind-blowing sensation for a woman, and exhilarating to watch as a man!

Performing oral sex

The kinky question is, “Does He Swallow?” Aha! This is a common question that is asked of women when referring to engaging in oral sex with a man. But I never hear this inquiry in the context of squirting. In my opinion, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. So ladies, if you’re inclined to squirt, and have been drinking your man’s seed, don’t hesitate to make him swallow. It’s empowering.

More on “how-to,” to come.

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2 The Truth About Female Ejaculation. By Laura Berman, PhD

By Ron Marinari


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