Playing With Sex Toys

Playing With Sex Toys

Should you be using sex toys? 

Unfortunately, we still live in a society that seems confused about sexual freedom and using sex toys during sex. Certain Victorian-era beliefs are still branded in the minds of some people.

For example, the double standard of a man enjoying sex is acceptable; however, for a woman to enjoy sex to the same degree, earns her a branding as a whore. This line of thinking is discriminating and cultish.

The reason for making the above observation connects me to my next point. About 75 percent of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone—that is without the extra help of sex toys, hands or a tongue. And 10 to 15 percent never climax under any circumstances. 1

Sex Toys During Sex

There is an array of sexual enhancing devices for a woman that can both stimulate and create orgasm when playing with sex toys. Though the church is silent on this subject, “sexual enhancing toys” seem to be an interest to many people, both inside and outside the faith. In 2013, the sex toy industry generated $15 billion dollars; with Amazon being the biggest distributor, carrying 60,000 items. 2

The debate for playing with sexual enhancing devices, range from statements like: “Why would I want my husband to compete with a vibrator?” to “If technology has assisted us in medicine, in communications, and in travel, to name a few—then why are we frowning upon technology that is assisting in the healthcare of women achieving orgasm, especially if they are incapable of achieving one without it?”

I would add, why would it be totally acceptable for a man to be treated for erectile dysfunction with Viagra or an assortment of penile implants in order to achieve an orgasm? Yet, a woman needing any outside assistance is frowned upon? As I said earlier, “Certain Victorian-era beliefs concerning sex are still branded in the minds of people.”

I believe this subject needs to be openly discussed in pulpits all over America; however, clergy are scared to death to speak about playing with sex toys and using sex toys during sex, when in reality these are relevant sexual issues. This lack of courage only leads parishioners into dark and shameful places.

Sexual Adventures

The outcome should always be one where interested parties address their personal needs and concerns prior to making any choices playing with sex toys; and in the end, establish mutual agreement—simple.

Having said all that, one shouldn’t abandon the idea of using sex toys during sex. They can be liberating and bring a variety of pleasure and sizzle into the bedchamber—making sex much more thrilling!


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By Ron Marinari

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