Is Chivalry Dead?

Is Chivalry Dead?

chivalry is dead


Chivalry Is Not Dead

The following question is more common than one might think, “Is chivalry dead?” The short answer is no; chivalry is not dead. Chivalry love is alive and well, despite chivalry feminism. I understand that women may feel that the act of chivalry may be interpreted as defining a woman as weak; however, I disagree this broad-brush conclusion.

I’ve spent countless hours facilitating chivalry classes, and the percentage of men who attended that were misogynistic were few and far in-between.

The truth of the matter is, there remains a chivalry etiquette, and it’s in high demand among younger men today. The caveat is, they’re afraid—fearful of being rejected for a genuine attempt to display honor and kindness to the opposite sex. This is what makes chivalry more necessary than ever.

Chivalry is a way to honor a woman. In its purest form, it’s secondary purpose can be categorized as romantic chivalry. I’d like to take some time and address the practical methods of chivalry in this series of blogs.

This illustration sheds light on the flexibility of modern day chivalry.


As you can see, “chivalry” has evolved. It screams for attention, and protection. Men desire to be chivalrous!

In my next blog, I will expand on the reactions women may have if a man is insensitive, and untrained in the correct methods of chivalry.

By Ron Marinari

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