Sexual Foreplay

Sexual Foreplay

sexual foreplayWhat can I say? I was born in 1959 and grew up watching James Bond. Since then, there have been twenty-three Bond movies to date. I’ve seen them all. Nail-biting foreplay is about writing your own Bond-girl script for your partner.  

This is not for the fainthearted. Nail-biting sexual foreplay is when you set your partner up to become your prey and experience the thrill of the chase.


As an example, one weekend, I considered sending my wife to New York City for the afternoon to be pampered at a Day Spa. I provided her a few extra dollars to shop afterward. Additionally, I gave her a gift certificate to a hotel restaurant and encouraged her to grab a drink, relax, and get some dinner before she came home. 

She had no idea that I’d already taken the time to reserve a room at the same hotel, decorated it for sex, and was eagerly waiting for her to arrive. 

I tracked her every move through text and the app, “Find My Phone.” When she arrived, I was dressed for sex. 

But the story doesn’t end there; I couldn’t help myself. I had to be more like James, so I gave the handsome waiter $20.00 to deliver a rose and note to her table while she was eating. I said, “Tell her, a tall, dark, handsome man told me to give this to you.” And by the way, the note was hot!

As she unfolded the paper, I looked on as she began to nibble on those manicured nails. Her face got flushed, and she smiled as a result of the flattery. She was falling directly into my trap.

As I watched from a distance; peering through the flowerbed, I looked for clues. What would the next look on her face tell me? Will she text me and tell me what just happened? And how long would she take to do so? Will she stand to her feet and look for this mysterious, romantic agent of love? Those are the 007 questions I wanted to be answered. 

And if she did text me, I’d simply say, “I’d just be flattered if I were you, sweetheart, you looked gorgeous when you left this morning.” She’ll be thinking … what? 

Of course, you want all those answers—lol.

Hahaha, have some fun with it yourself!

I let the time pass.Then when I was totally ready, I walked up behind her and seized her, giving her the thrill of her life!

Within seconds, I passionately kissed her and told her, “The kids are taken care of, I packed a bag for you, and it’s upstairs in room 8703—let’s have some dinner, and then I can tell you why you were worth ambushing and what my plans for you are, now that I’ve caught you.” 

After the nail-biting was over, it made a lot of beautiful noise about how much I really cared about going out of my way to heighten her expectation for sex. This, my friend, is foreplay. 

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