Ron Marinari is an author, and sex-positive biblical counselor.

Additionally, God and Sex undoubtedly rank among the most controversial topics of all time. They’ve consistently found their way into every critical vein of society—culture, politics, government, and of course, religion.

As Ron discusses the subject of God & Sex, he clearly spells out what’s oppressive and what’s liberating.

God and Sex, or Religion?

God and Sex

Observe for yourself; unfortunately, millions of people are experiencing a great divide (especially in Christianity), and see religion as nothing more than the human-made church with imperfect people running it. Within its walls, spirituality is something that is controlled and frequently manipulated through fear and doctrine to keep humanity confined from a pure and free connection with God & Sex.

One of Ron Marinari’s goals is to challenge the logic of traditional and conservative beliefs concerning God & Sex. He loves inspiring people to accept the unique sexual expression God has gifted them—empowering each individual to be more successful in their relationships and sexual expression.

Are You Interested In Hearing Another Perspective?

If you’re searching for someone who may be able to both understand your conflict and poke holes in the cultist religious oppression that engulfs our world today, Ron hopes you stay tuned. You may quickly become a fan of God & Sex Circus.

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Coming Soon!

On Valentine’s Day 2020, Ron Marinari will be releasing his latest Novel. Ron’s background in Christian theology prompted him to write an erotic-paranormal story based on true biblical characters.

Ron has chosen to reveal the untold story of an infamous woman known as Bathsheba. The Novel (430 pages), took two years to write. Though it’s fictional, it’s based on true events and historically accurate.

Look for it, THIS VALENTINE’S DAY, in bookstores everywhere!